Like awesome stuff??? Look here!

Here's just some general awesome stuff from different types of motorsport that i've been looking at on a bored Friday night in :)

I love this guy's driving! I can only hope to one day drive like that.

Ofcourse i love blue S14's anyway but this one is slammed and looking sweet!


One of the best Awesomefest video's i've seen :) LOVE the second song.

John McGuinness getting the right line on the Isle of Man TT course.



Awesomefest, photography and epic driving holidays!

It's been a bit quiet on here lately, I've been busy sorting out various car related things and going to events so i thought I'd take a bit of time now things have quietened down to do a blog.... about me!

As most of you know i own an S14 which i am currently trying to get ready for BDC 2012! Looks wise it's done but unfortunately I've still got to find the funds to get it up to spec! Cage, extinguishers etc.

I've been in talks with one of my current sponsors RS Repairs about continued help next year of which i am massively thankfull for!

At the end of July i attended Awesomefest, the event everyone in the drift world is talking about which was a great weekend and what made it even better for me was driving on one of the best drift tracks in the UK with some of the best drifters in the UK! Big high point for me :)

I wasn't in the way.. i promise! We were on a red flag. Image courtesy of Ben Arris of Dodgem Squad.

I've also been in talks with Kinzuru Autosalon about advertising their new range of womens drift clothing, I've been in talks with a well known magazine about a feature on female drifters and i've also been busy doing photo shoots of the new S14 look with Darren Thorndick Photography (Keep your eyes peeled for the pictures soon on Taysilla!)

An example of Darren's fantastic work.

Of course there has been the usual nights out with my drifty buddies and weekends spannering away on the car, doing bits and bobs here and there slowly improving it. Recently I've had to take a hammer to my front wheel arches after my increased lock resulted in my wheels scrubbing everything!

I am also very excited that in just over 2 weeks i get to return to what i now think of as my second home.... the Isle of Man! A week of driving awesome roads, bike racing, drag racing and of course... drifting!