Behind the smoke... Danielle Murphy.

There's not many people in the drift community who haven't heard of Danni Murphy, we've all seen her ripping it up in her S14a showing the lads how it's done. Want to learn more about her drifty journey and hear her plans for 2012?? Read on!

Danni bought her first drift car in 2008, a Nissan 180sx imported from Japan. The car was very basic, only being upgraded safety wise to adhere to competition rules. Danni attended her first competition at Rosegreen in Ireland and qualified 13th.

Unfortunately her beloved 180sx was written off after a motorway accident on the way to a drift event in Portugal, Danni broke her ankle in the accident but still continued onto Portugal and competed in a borrowed car!

In 2010 she imported a much more competitive car, her SR20 powered S14a from WKD Imports. It has since changed looks wise a fair bit earning it's nickname, 'The Green Monster'!

The car is now running an Owen Developments T2868 turbo with custom housing and WRC bearings, 800cc injectors, Wiseco pistons, a Cosworth head gasket and Tomei Poncams. The car was mapped by the well respected, Greg Gush at ProTuner and is now running approximately 380bhp with 410ft/lbs torque. This makes for a very competitive car not only in the BDC but also championships throughout Europe.

Danni has always been a consistent qualifier in competition events however her performance in the 2011 season of the British Drift Championship has definitely raised her profile, she started the season off by winning the Semi Pro class of Round One at Donington's Launch Pad.

At Round Two, Norfolk Arena, she was permanently moved up to the Pro Class, she then continued to qualify in the Top 16 in the remaining rounds giving her a final championship place of 8th in Pro.

So let's find out a bit more about the woman behind the smoke!
Hey Danni, firstly congratulations on your brilliant result in 2011 and moving up the Pro class in BDC! Which event did you enjoy the most in 2011?

Thank you! The event I most enjoyed surprisingly was Round 1 of the BDC at Donnington Park, not only because I won my class and also qualified for the class above me, but just purely for the enjoyment factor and the feel of driving The Green Monster on that particular track, I could have driven it all day long!

You also competed in the very popular, Wembley round of the Drift Allstars championship with some of the best drifters in Europe. Did you find the crowds and wall lined track a bit daunting or do you find that you drive better under a bit of pressure?

To be honest that particular event wasn't so daunting at all, my car was playing up mechanically and I was fighting it with on a power basis with each lap i drove, it was horrible! But I still done as best I could and qualified, but unfortunately had to withdraw after setting off on my first judged twin battle run due to suspension failure, which was just Murphy's Law!!
Aside from the troubles, I love driving at Wembley because it's always on another par to other competitions, the walls don't scare me as that's what I've learned to drive against from my first ever competitions with Prodrift.
Everyone over judges the "walls" every now and then, but it takes a lot of skill and excuse the expression; "balls" to head for a wall flat out in 3rd or 4th gear, knowing if you've made the slightest mis-judgement, your car and potentially you are going to have a sore body afterwards!
Without danger, there's no adrenalin or challenge.

I've seen that your currently giving 'The Green Monster' a bit of a spruce up ready for next years season, what are you plans for 2012?

The Green Monster is under-going major renovations for 2012! There was a lot of things I didn't like about the car this year so for next year its getting a complete overhaul wit the engine, suspension and exterior. I'm comfortable with the way the car responds power wise so I'm not looking for much over 400bhp, I like how the car responds at 380bhp and know how to work it, I just want to improve its quality internally.

The suspension is well out-dated and I feel by replacing it all for newer parts will increase the stability of the car on track as I had some minor issues with the front suspension throughout this year.
As for the exterior of the car, lets just say I have a great new sponsor along with my current sponsors EP Racing who have mega plans, The Green Monster will be a Monster!

More and more women are starting to get involved in competitive drifting nowadays but drifting is still a very male dominated motorsport, do you feel like your viewed or treated differently because you're one of a handful of female drift competitors?

Ive got two answers to this question... In the paddock amongst other drivers I am treated as I like to be, as another driver and respected as a driver regardless of my sex, my driving has earned that respect from fellow drivers both male and female. But on the other side of the coin, meeting people outside of the paddock is a very different and proud feeling.
A lot of women (and men)have approached me with nothing but praise and support, it has added value to their thoughts and dreams that there is no reason why they cannot try drifting or other motorsports, just because their boyfriend, husband, brother etc is doing it.
I think the comment which stands out to me mostly from 2011 was from a member of one of the Italian drifting teams who visited to compete at Drift Allstars in Wembley, he said: "Danni, we watch you drifting, we do not believe this is a woman driving when people tell us as we watch you, when you drift, you drift with as much aggression and speed like a man, but when you step out of the car you are very much a woman and definitely not a man!"
I am very thankful and privileged that I am within a number of very few women in this sport that has made an impact on results and Championship tables. This is my hobby and passion, to get the results I've achieved to date in a "male dominated sport" is an incredible feeling words cant even describe!
I'm also very grateful to each one of my current sponsers who have supported me right through and who continue to support me for 2012 along with some new sponsors... Watch this space for The Green Monster and some great news to come for 2012, it has the ingredients for a great year ahead. ;-) x

If you are interested in gaining exposure for your company on 'The Green Monster' in 2012, please contact Danni using the Contact page on her website Danielle Murphy Drifting

You can follow Danni on Facebook by 'Liking' her Drift page.. Danielle Murphy Drifting Fan-Page

Images courtesy of the BDC, Mark White Photography and others.


BDC Licensing day - Norfolk arena

This Saturday 30 eager drifters turned up bright and early to Norfolk Arena in Kings Lynn to be judged for a British Drift Championship license, there was some very impressive driving leaving a total of 14 drivers walking away with BDC licenses!

Unfortunately our day got off to a bad start after having a slight overheating mishap on the way there, meaning we missed the morning practice. Luckily we got there in time to cheer on our fellow Essex drifters for their judged laps!

At around 1pm the practice is stopped and the drivers line up to be judged for their license, each driver gets one practice lap and then 3 consecutive judged laps. The judges for the day were Rich 'Chunk' Newton and Mark 'Sweeps' Buckle.

You could tell whilst watching that the nerves did get to some drivers, as they do! I remember the feeling all too well from when i attempted to gain my license at Norfolk arena last year.

There were, however some very impressive drivers who stood out for me, such as Ross Gregory in his S14.3, Tim Lockyer in the blue S14, the guy in the blue 5 series BMW (sorry didn't catch your name!) and Augusto Donetti who was driving Belinda Challis's Castrol R32.

The day ended with a debrief to announce the new licensed drivers.

Congratulations to all the new BDC licensed drivers, i look forward to seeing you drive in 2012!

Images courtesy of Ross Ianson, check out Doristars for more pictures!


Winter Plans!

It's that quiet time of year, competition cars are being stripped down and rebuilt ready for the 2012 season, people are on the search for cheap missile streeto cars and new competitors like me are using this quiet time to get new competition cars up to spec!!

Even though there's not been much drifting happening lately, me and Sid have been busy treating our cars to some nice new parts!

I just recently picked up a 6 point 'Fabricage' roll cage and started stripping the interior down to fit all the required safety equipment for the BDC, I'm also picking up Z32 rear brakes to convert mine in the hope of a better handbrake.

Lots to do over the coming weeks, i usually try not to put deadlines on things but there was a practice day that particularly caught my eye on Driftworks recently..... Lydden Hill... full track... open pit lane!! Yes please! So now I'm aiming to fit everything ready for that on 7th January.

Sid bought some nice new shiny wheels for the JZX90 Cresta, thanks to Dan at SRB Power it is now sat on some 18 x 9.75j et20 XXR 527 wheels in black chrome!

Sorry about the dark pictures, winter is definitely here!

The Cresta is already running very good power and pulls like a train but Sid plans to get it on the rollers as soon as possible to see if anymore power can be squeezed out of it before upgrading more parts! The car also really needs new paint, we're thinking colours at the moment.... Brown????

Other drivers and teams currently beginning massive car overhauls include Paul Cheshire of Team Falken who just seems to be cutting stuff off!!!

Team TKS Worx also seem to be losing some weight off of Ian Waddingtons S13 although keeping their plans fully under wraps!

More to come on these projects over the coming weeks!!!


The British Drift Championship 2011 Dinner Dance and Awards Ceremony.

This weekend myself and 177 other drivers, pit crew, partners and BDC staff headed to a hotel in Coventry for the annual end of season Dinner Dance and Awards Ceremony to celebrate yet another fantastic year of competition!!

We started the evening off with a drivers meeting to discuss new plans for 2012, i was extremely happy to hear what tracks were planning to be used as it includes a track that i never managed to drive at!

Then a magical thing happened..... we shed our dirty oil stained 'drifters clothing' and who knew, underneath we all scrubbed up pretty damn well!

Of course as soon as everyone had sat down Team Green managed to cover everyone and everything in silly string, party poppers and various other things in record time!!

Then it was time for the awards!!!

Malx and Minnie were recognised for their continued dedication to drifting, running around the pit lanes, organising the start line and always doing it with a smile on their faces!

Mr Mint himself received a very well deserved award for dedication to drifting, continuously sacrificing his own drifting to ensure not only BDC events but also most UK practice days have speedy tyre changing.

Julie Robinson received an award for just generally being awesome!

Darren Matthews received an award for his continued dedication to the BDC.

Justin Clarke received the award for most improved driver of the year.

Sam Holt received an award for being the most annoying person in the BDC.... sorry, i meant entertaining ;)

Jody Fletcher won Rookie of the year.

and Team Japspeed won the team trophy for the 2011 season.

On to the driver awards for the Semi Pro category.

3rd place was awarded to my fellow Mint Tyres team mate, Belinda Challis.

2nd place was awarded to Marc Huxley.

and 1st place was awarded to BDC newcomer, Matt Campling.

In the Pro category, 3rd place went to Grant Laker.

2nd place went to Ian Phillips (John Glaister received the trophy on his behalf)

The 1st place trophy went to Mike Marshall of M'n'M Engineering.

Now onto the Super Pro category and i start with my Mint Tyres team mate, Wayne Keeber who received the impressively large trophy for 3rd place.

2nd place went to Mark Luney and the SATS Cosworth team.

And a very well deserved 1st place trophy was awarded to Matt Carter of Team Falken.

Mark 'Sweeps' Buckle, BDC organiser then went on to announce some items that were to be auctioned off for the 'Movember' Mens health charity. Unluckily for Japspeed driver, Steve 'Baggsy' Biagioni one of the things auctioned off was his hair and eyebrows!!!!!

Fair play to Baggsy for going through with it and raising approximately £2500 for charity, the overall figure raised through the auctions and donations came to approximately £5000!!!

It has become tradition that the unveiling of Brooksie's end of season movie always happens at the Dinner Dance and therefore we all waited with anticipation for it to start! My god!!!! That guy can make good films!
I will let you see for yourself, here is a link to his channel on Vimeo.....


Finally, here are some more pictures from the night! Bring on BDC 2012!!!!

Images courtesy of Ammo Photography and Ross Ianson of Doristars