Snapshot: Julie Robinson - BDC SuperPro driver

Here is a quick snapshot of one of the first and most successful female drifters in the UK, Julie Robinson.

Julie started drifting in 2005 and wasted no time in entering her first competition, the Option UKD1 Championship, in her CA18DET powered S13. She got the fantastic result of 5th in the amateur league, with 2 second place finishes!

Julie at Silverstone for the Option UKD1.

Julie also received an award for Rookie of the Year in 2005

After a short break from competition due to various 'life' reasons, she returned in 2008 by entering the BDC (British Drift Championship) in her new 4 door R32!

Her R32 has gradually improved and since 2008 she has worked hard to build a very capable car!

The current spec includes an RB25DET engine from the later R33 Skyline, a purpose built turbo from CR Turbos raising the power to 345bhp, fully adjustable suspension from Driftworks, uprated brakes and of course the necessary safety requirements for competition use.

Julie practicing at Mallory Park in her two tone R32 painted by Kustom Kolors.

Since coming back to the BDC she has achieved very good results in the Pro league, 14th in 2008, 13th in 2009 and 11th in 2010, her consistent and skillful driving resulted in her being the first female to be awarded a place in the SuperPro league for 2011, where she currently stands in 14th place.

Julie was also awarded 2nd place in the BDC Team Competition with fellow drifters Gary Hughes and Jody Fletcher.

Julie has also been a vital part of the new Ladies only drift days organised by myself. From the very first day she has helped by tutoring new and upcoming female drifters, including myself! Without her guidance i think i would probably still be going around in circles!
Julie passing on her knowledge and pinching a go in Sharon's Mk3 Supra.

Julie is known for her bubbly, easy going nature and can often be found having a laugh in the pits at events...

 ... and sometimes on the track!

Over the years Julie has secured sponsorship deals with the following companies:
  • CR Turbo Engineering
  • The Motorist Centre New Milton
  • Read Performance
  • Kustom Kolors
  • ETS Tyres and m.o.t's
  • Dare Wheels
  • Cookies Corner
  • F1 Racing Clutches (Tegwia Imports)
  • AWS Safety Wear
If you are interested in gaining exposure for your company and supporting Julie, please contact her Here.

Images courtesy of Ross at DoristarsEllie Charman, Mark White Photography and Bolf.


The BDC Donington license day - from beginner to competitor.

On Saturday 18th June i attended the BDC (British Drift Championship) practice and licensing day at Donington, i originally wanted to just do the practice day as they were using the well known Donington Launch Pad also used for Round 1 of the BDC this year but after some deliberation i thought... licensing??? Why not try again?!

I originally started drifting in 2007 buying my first drift car, a Volvo 340 and lovingly naming it Boris! 4 years down the line and 4 drift cars later, i finally feel ready to step it up and join the competition side of drifting!

My first drift day in 'Boris' back in 2007.

The Donington licensing day was actually my second attempt at gaining my license, unfortunately my first attempt at Norfolk Arena was a complete disaster and although it knocked my confidence i did learn an important lesson in staying cool when being judged!!

My first attempt at gaining a BDC license at Norfolk Arena in November 2010.

So, onto my second attempt!
The licensing track consisted of a 2nd gear kidney shaped track with the first initiation actually going down hill and often taking people a little further down the hill than anticipated!

I don't have a locking handbrake in my s14 and so i was entering with a flick, clutchkick and some footbrake, after some initial feedback from the judge Rich 'Chunk' Newton it seemed i was going too slow into the first corner but after some practice (and a lot of times flying down the hill backwards) i managed to get my speed up and get more consistent.

After a lunch break everyone wishing to be judged for a license queued up ready for their runs and unfortunately the heavens opened just before which meant an extremely slippery track! I remembered the advice the wise one, Malx 'Fozzy' Foskett gave me at Norfolk about staying calm and just did what i could do and it worked!!! Later that day at the de-brief i was awarded my Semi-Pro license!

This made Loz happy!!

Now i could relax and go and have fun on the large BDC track! This consisted of a fast 3rd gear entry into a sweeping right followed by a few more transitions, this was the reason i signed up for the day and it was completely worthwhile!!! I had tonnes of fun trying different entry techniques and learnt quite a bit, although if it wasn't for my recent practice at Mallory Park i think i would have been in over my head!

In short... BDC practice/license days.... very relaxed and fun! I would definitely recommend it.

Images courtesy of Ben Arris at Dodgem Squad, Ammo Photography and Lee Broadley.


Snapshot: Hiromi Kajikuma and her Pink Corolla!

I'm going to be doing some small snapshots of drifters all over the world over the coming weeks, first up is Hiromi Kajikuma!

Hiromi is a female drifter from Japan, she started drifting 10 years ago after inititally being involved in Time Attack, she entered Formula D in the USA in 2007 and takes an active part in the drift scene in Japan.

In the 10 years Hiromi has been drifting she has owned and used an S14 Silvia, JZA80, MX5 and now her Pink Corolla AE86.

The car she uses to drift now is a Pink AE86 Corolla with 4age engine.

Hiromi also owns and runs a Tuning Shop, Winds Auto in Japan with her husband.

Keep up to date with Hiromi and her drifting by joining the Winds Auto facebook page!