The countdown to BDC!!

Well with 8 days, 21 hours and 5 minutes left until the start of the 2011 BDC season (of course i'm not excited in the slightest.... ) all the drivers are busy getting the cars ready and there are even some well prepared drivers who have had some time to practice in their newly set up cars - although not many!

The season kicks off on Friday 22nd April at Donnington Park. BDC will be making full use of the launch pad area and if last year was anything to go by we'll be all set to watch some nice fast entries into the first corner!

For those not too familiar with competition drifting, not only do you have to build you car to be competitive with regards to power, suspension set up and tyres, you also need to build your car to very specific safety regulations. This includes a full 6 point roll cage, internal and external engine kill switches and extinguisher pull cables, as well as various other things such as FIA approved bucket seats, fire retardant clothing etc

Sid, who will be competing in the Pro league in his RB20 powered Nissan Laurel, has only a few things to complete before the first round as lucky for us, Sid's car is basically up to spec already (Gold star for our pre-planning skills!) therefore giving us time to make the Laurel look awesomely eye catching... more info later ;)

So, as we come up to the last week before Round 1 here's some pictures from last season to help the competitors who are struggling to get their cars ready, keep their enthusiasm when everything may seem to be going wrong...

And finally, midget chunk gives you all a thumbs up.................

Pictures courtesy of Ross at Doristars


If it doesn't break, you're not trying hard enough....

It's been a bit quiet here recently, i've been a busy girl getting my S14 ready for some big Mallory skids.. now the big Mallory skids are over i thought i'd share some pictures and videos with you guys!

I turned up bright and early Thursday morning in the hope of getting a garage in the pit lane and it's lucky i did as the weather wasn't very nice, me and Sid got to work getting the S14 and Laurel ready for some drifting.

To those that weren't aware Sid's not had the best of luck with his Laurel, having two front end smashes in the past 4-5 months. This meant a long wait for some expensive headlights from Japan... so we thought it was best not to risk smashing another pair, seeing as it was only a practice day and the start of BDC is so close, we took the headlights out and took the bodykit off.

So the drifting started and i think Bob's wise words in the drivers briefing settled in this time, as i did notice there were less red flags than last time!

There were a number of well known drivers who turned up for a relaxed day of drifting with friends, Paz, Jay of JimsFactory, Phil 'The guy' Morrison and Mitch of DriftGarage.

There were also a few drivers testing out their new cars, Sid in his RB20 powered Laurel was testing his new turbo set up courtesy of Lance at Precision Automotive, Phil Maclachlan testing his new V8 powered green machine and Jason Davis in his pimp 1jz Cressida.

Unfortunately Jason only managed to get in a couple of laps in the Cressida due to a dead alternator!

The sight of Jay drifting parts of the track i haven't even attempted makes me feel totally un-deserving of my 200 horses!

Personally it was a brilliant day for me, even though i managed to bend two steering rods, get stuck on the track and put a hole in one of my boost pipes it was all made worthwhile when i found my balls and drifted Devils Elbow for the first time! A scary but very rewarding corner to drift! Thank you to Mitch at DriftGarage who luckily had a spare steering rod (which i then also bent lol)

I'll finish off with some pictures courtesy of Mark White Photography and AmmoPhotography.

 My Mint Tyres team mate, Wayne Keeber being chased by top female UK drifter Julie Robinson.

The most enjoyable corner i have ever drifted....

Sid Crowfoot testing out the new Precision Drift/Automotive Nissan Laurel.

and finally an awesome video from Dan Joyce to promote Awesomefest 2011 showing some of the brilliant drifting and the awesome atmosphere at FCD days...