British Drift Championship 2012???

It's been busy here lately not only with BDC Round 2 but I've also been getting my car ready for the BDC Practice/License Day at Donington on 18th June! I thought I'd do an ongoing blog of what I'm getting up to in preparation for BDC 2012 to give a slightly different perspective to competing!

I have actually tried for my BDC license before at Norfolk arena, however failing fairly badly, it did give me a relaxed attitude towards competing because i learnt it's not worth getting worked up over!

Picture courtesy of AmmoPhotography

So when i signed up for the next BDC Practice day at Donington, i initially just wanted to jump at the chance of drifting the same track they used for Round 1 of BDC this year but after having a think, another shot at getting a BDC license looked like a good move!

Now to get the car ready! I have a long list of parts needed for next year, mainly things for regs. e.g. cage etc but for now i want to get the car looking nice and handling well and i can now do this thanks to my supportive sponsors!!!

Mint Tyres - Steve at Mint Tyres supplies tyre changing facilities for the majority of UK based drift events including practice days and competition and he has always been supportive of my drifting!
RS Repairs - Ray at RS Repairs has recently come on board to help prepare and maintain the car and I'm looking forward to seeing what i can achieve with his help next year.
Carbon Copy - Sharon at Carbon Copy has recently supplied a full Vertex kit for the s14 which has improved the look of the s14.
PrecisionDrift Clothing - Craig at Precision Drift Clothing is helping by offering his awesome vinyl applying skills, hoping to have pictures of this very soon!

I feel I've come along way since ditching the underpowered bouncy Volvo's and i like to think my car has improved lots too.
From this...

To how it stands today, ready for Craig to work his magic next week....

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully I'll have some good news after the Donington License day in 2 weeks but if i don't then, hey, there's always next time!!